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About Us

Bitcoin News.Guru is one of the most popular news publication media that provides exclusive updates on the king of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin along with the latest news stories on blockchain technology, altcoins, press releases, and much more. We cover the latest news, price analysis & predictions of Bitcoin with complete research.

Reporters at Bitcoin News.Guru work round the clock to provide accurate, timely, and relevant informative material to the Bitcoin. Thus, we endeavor to fill the void of a reliable source of information in crypto space.

Why We Started Bitcoin News.Guru?

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain hype is increasing with every passing day. A layman is blasted with thousands of webpage when he searches for these terms. However, there are insufficient resources that provide prominent information and the latest updates in this space.

We started Bitcoin News.Guru with one main aim to help the beginner, as well as expert level readers, find a reliable source of information about Bitcoin with live prices, market movements, and much more.

Our goal at Bitcoin News.Guru is to ensure the optimization and clarity of Blockchain and cryptocurrency news updates. We aim to capitalize on community growth through reliable and ethical data creation, which is required by our readers to make wise decisions. Our team of reporters is well equipped with various fields like technology, finance, and journalism to serve the community with top-notch and well-researched contents.

Our vision at Bitcoin News.Guru is to aid crypto enthusiasts with unbiased, high-quality Blockchain, Bitcoin news articles. We also envision to cater to the crypto updates faster, right before they become mainstream as we understand reader’s need to acquire it as soon as possible.