Decentraland Welcomes VICE Media for an HQ in the Metaverse

VICE Media is planning to explore the metaverse culture by building a headquarters in Decentraland. This new pathway is expected to help VICE get a hold of the new-gen business models. Vice Media will establish this permanent virtual resident where its companies and subsidiaries would operate from. Reportedly, this new venture is planned by Virtue Futures with the idea to explore and report how the technology is transforming the world while also reaping the benefits of this rapidly growing area.

Decentraland is a pioneer in blockchain-based metaverse developed and introduced in 2017. This project has a 3D virtual world where you can build your business and lifestyle while connecting to a global audience. The blockchain ensures the decentralisation of the project, turning the ownership towards users themselves. The things users buy in the metaverse are powered by NFTs and can be purchased only with the native MANA coin. MANA is not just a utility token but also a store of value. It can be traded with other cryptocurrencies in any of the authorised exchanges. The price of MANA today is $2.61 USD, up 14.37% in the last 24 hours. MANA is predicted to grow exponentially by some experts, possibly upto $4. If you would like to get more details on MANA’s price, read this thoroughly researched Decentraland price prediction.

Decentraland is not the first initiative by Virtue Futures to explore blockchain. Earlier in 2021, the firm helped introduce the first-ever NFT of Coca-Cola. Now, after less than a year, this branch of innovation brings Vice to the metaverse. According to the statements made by Morten Grubak from Virtue Futures, the renowned architects from Bjarke Ingels Group have designed the virtual headquarters for Vice. This new venue will help the firm explore the growing concepts like DAOs, web3, NFTs, and more.

Virtue Futures is already in the metaverse business by helping other firms to get on board this emerging area. Now, it would be much more sense to reach out to the firms with a virtual venue. Metaverse enthusiasts believe that having a media name like Vice will help the metaverse to get sensible coverage throughout the globe. Somnium Times has already carved a niche for itself in the metaverse news. However, Vice expects to take a research-oriented outlook to study the “sociology of digital communities.”

The number of mainstream businesses trying to establish a metaverse business space is getting bigger every day. A few weeks ago, the Korean tech giant Samsung built a replica of its New York office in Decentraland. The fast-food network McDonald’s has already entered the metaverse to connect the virtual world with physical services like home delivery. Apart from these, the German luxury brand Philipp Plein has bought a  large piece of virtual real estate to build its own Plein Villa. The craze for metaverse has fired up in the few months, especially after Facebook’s rebranding and following the emergence of NFTs.

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