McAfee Backtracks From the Prediction About Bitcoin Hitting $1M

Bitcoin never fails to entertain its users. This time McAfee has joined the club. According to the report, John McAfee previously said that he always had full trust in Bitcoin. He never had a speck of thought that Bitcoin can flop to reach one million dollars mark. He tweeted his thoughts and expressed his shock over the cryptocurrency. He even said that his last prediction was different in terms of the present Bitcoin market upsurge.

McAfee challenged on the public platform

McAfee was outrageous enough to claim in public that Bitcoin would get to five hundred thousand dollars within three years. He even challenged that he will consume his own phallus if such a thing does not happen in the upcoming three years. However, he is today backing out from his own statement. In July, 2017, John McAfee tweeted such a controversial statement.

The critical condition of the cryptocurrency

Right now, the cryptocurrency is merely at 9000 dollars. Now to meet the prediction of McAfee, Bitcoin will have to elevate up to 5000 percent to at least go closer to the prognostication. Anybody can say that Bitcoin has not reached anywhere near five hundred thousand dollars. Not at least in the past three years. McAfee even blew off the data of Bitcoin, being an overblown market. This was during his statement in the last year. He disregarded the fact that Bitcoin was in its mid ten thousand dollars last year and that the chances are slim.

McAfee chewing his own words

Later on, McAfee regretted his statement over his twitter account. The price of Bitcoin fell to 9,100 dollars from 13,000 dollars. It was the fall of 34 percent within twelve months period that made McAfee understand his mistake. He later modified his statement, saying that his prediction relates to the end of 2020 when Bitcoin will hit one million dollars.

Web world trolling McAfee

The netizens and cryptocurrency specialists started questioning him of his prediction. McAfee acted diplomatically and claimed that the bet stays put. He even refers to the site called He reassured the web world that he is still not at the losing end. He further clarifies that the prediction is active up to December 31, 2020. He also said he is waiting for the year to end, as the prediction is not for July 2020.

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