Removal of dApp Browser on the iOS Version of Trust Wallet

The decentralized software application, dApp browser, will now be removed from Trust Wallet with the launch of version 6.0 of iOS. The removal of the dApp browser is being done in compliance with the App Store Guidelines of Apple. The users of the dApp browser may rest assured as the funds are in safe custody. The users of Android devices shall remain unaffected by the removal of the dApp browser. The new version of iOS shall no longer have the dApp browser in the App Store, and therefore users will not be able to re-enable the browser.

In order to abide by the policy of Apple, a list of dApps has been marked for elimination. However, the dApps will remain manually accessible through the web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The iOS app of Trust Wallet will be released soon, and the dApp browser will not be accessible through it. Users can also use the software application called WalletConnect to gain access to the removed dApps. The iOS users who employ the Trust Wallet to access dApps will still get their hands on their collectibles and funds. Trust Wallet never held the assets. Instead, it provided a gateway for accessing the assets. The users need to have a backup for the Recovery Phrase to retain complete control over their assets.

The developers may link WalletConnect with Trust Wallet to provide access to the dApps. The linkage between the two software applications will be possible by integrating Trust SDK natively at the iOS. For the users, employing the Android version of the Trust Wallet is the simplest way of continuing to access the dApps. One can easily import the wallet to the Android device to interact with the dApps. On the other hand, iOS users need to use WalletConnect or the browser version of Trust Wallet to access the dApps.

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