Peri Finance Enters into a Partnership with Polygon

Peri Finance is entering into a strategic collaboration with Polygon to explore solutions for the issues faced by the Ethereum network that include the slow speed of transactions, low level of security, and high gas fees for transactions. Through the global strategic partnership, Peri Finance seeks integration with Polygon Network to enter the mainstream market so that daily traders can be a part of the cross-chain exchange of derivatives and issuance of synthetic assets of the platform of Peri Finance.

Peri Finance is the market of derivative products and synthetic assets that employs Blockchain technology for supercharging crypto asset trades with the help of its advanced protocol. The platform provides every user with access to an impressive range of cryptocurrency assets and traditional financial assets by offering both non-leveraged and leveraged synthetic products. Peri Finance partnered with Polygon to reduce the gas fees for Ethereum Blockchains transactions, increase the transaction speed, and amp up the level of security of the network.

Polygon is renowned across the globe as the platform that provides a framework for the development and connection of Blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. The network of Ethereum faces operational issues of poor security, slow speed, and high gas fees. Polygon network helps in eliminating the issues of the Ethereum blockchain network by leveraging the performance of combining the Blockchain network with standalone chains, ZK rollup chains, and optimistic rollup chains. The Polygon network is also offering modules of governance and consensus along with a wide range of virtual machine implementation and execution environments to Peri Finance for the deployment of customized Blockchains. Peri Finance, in partnership with Polygon, shall be able to draw in hundreds of high-end users who are financially strong and well equipped with the knowledge and technical capabilities.

Keith Tyree

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